Peng Gu (gupeng)

Peng Gu is a senior undergraduate student from Dept. of EE Tsinghua University. Peng’s research interests include hardware acceleration and computing with emerging devices. Presently he is engaged in research work on design automation with non-volatile devices under guidance of Prof. Yu Wang in the Nanoscale Integrated Circuits and System Lab, Tsinghua University.


Address: Rohm 4-205
Email: NOSPAMMINGhogpe217☺gmail·com
Phone: 13693391178

Selected Publications

Conference Papers

  • Peng Gu, Boxun Li, Tianqi Tang, Shimeng Yu, Yu Cao, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang, Technological Exploration of RRAM Crossbar Array For Matrix-Vector Multiplication , in Proceedings of the 20th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC), 2015, pp.106-111. pdf
  • Boxun Li, Lixue Xia, Peng Gu, Yu Wang, and Huazhong Yang, Merging the interface: Power, area and accuracy co-optimization for RRAM crossbar-based mixed-signal , in 52nd ACM/EDAC/IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC), 2015, pp.13:1-13:6. pdf
  • Yu Wang, Tianqi Tang, Lixue Xia, Boxun Li, Peng Gu, Hai Li, Yuan Xie, Huazhong Yang, Energy Efficient RRAM Spiking Neural Network for Real Time Classification , in Proceedings of the 25th Edition on Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI (GLSVLSI), 2015, pp.189-194. pdf

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