Jie Wang (王捷)

Hi! I'm a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University. I'll pursue PhD. in UCLA after graduation.

I joined NICS in October,2013. And I've been involved in two projects so far:

  1. Position System of UAV Based on Binocular Vision
  2. FPGA Accelerator Design for CNN (Undergoing)

With the development of EDA tools (the emergence of HLS tools like Vivado HLS), the growing demands of highly energy-efficient large-scale computation (data centers, etc.), and upgrading of FPGA platform itself (Xilinx Zynq), there are more and more attention paid on FPGA from both academia and industry (Altera-Baidu, Altera-Microsoft). I believe that heterogeneous platform based on FPGA, GPU will be playing a more and more important role in the near future, which will be the field I'm about to be devoted into in the study and research afterwards.

I'm always willing to talk and share ideas with anyone who is interested in this field. Please feel free to contact via any means listed below!


Address: 清华大学罗姆楼4-205
Email: wangjie11☺mails·tsinghua·NOSPAMMINGedu·cn
Phone: 15652625039

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